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    Hi guys, just signed up to ask this question. not a regular here.

    I heard about the taoist soap from my acupuncture doctor, and after using it for a while, i feel some positive differences for my scalp and hair. But i wanted to know, does the taoist soap actually have any drugs in it, like minoxidil or something, is that why is it this effective?

    sorry if it sounds stupid, just curious..


    hello there

    welcome to the forum! :)

    no the taoist soap does not have any drugs or such chemicals in it. Also on a note, since you mentioned minoxidil, it is not actually that effective in hair growth, because the results go after some time, and then you are left with needing to permanently using it for life! which is simply stupid…

    The science behind how it works is the synergy of the ingredients, this is what pharmaceutical companies will never understand, or at least not show they understand, as you cannot beat the synergy of nature itself, designed to manage and be in the environment it is born in – sorry getting carried away here, but hope this helps.


    welcome to the forum!

    good to hear that you heard about the soap through our fellow acu doctors, it does not actually contain any type of drug, it does not even work at a chemical level, it is more of an energetic level, and @abie is starting to explain the intro of that pretty well.


    Well the effects are amazing, but no it does not have any drugs in it hehehe, i first thought someone was playing a joke by asking this hehehehehe

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