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Side Effects of Acupuncture

acupuncture side effects


There are people who often ask about the side effects of acupuncture, and what they can be in worst case scenario’s – but the truth is, acupuncture should have zero side effects in terms of body reactions after the treatment.

The only time you will have a side effect is usually with nerve related conditions, where the nerves are being regenerated and you feel temporary pain (your acupuncture doctor should tell you before you even feel this, as they should know that this will happen before their treatment).

The emotional side effects of acupuncture are usually during the treatment, where an emotional outburst can occur – this is from the stress that is released and can happen in different ways for different people, so just because it hasn’t happened to you, does not mean it has not worked – people manage their emotions in different ways, so the release will be different for each individual.

There are no negative side effects from acupuncture; but always make sure your acupuncture doctor has the right knowledge to deal with your condition or requirement.