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    Needed now I think…

    Every time I eat carbs…my stomach HURTS..not only that but feeling tired after eating bunch of bread .

    Also, oddly enough I lost all my cravings for bread….like almost like..losing hunger too….

    Will eating like 500g a day of egg whites help?

    Only carbs being garlic and onions? And maybe some yeast from the wine.

    I want to do this 30 days…. I hate carbs now. Not just the taste but the PAIN and debiltation after every meal….huh?!

    I can’t eat solid meat I’ve been vegan since November. I know it would digest. But Eggs are liquid and digest fast.

    Plus are rated as the best protein source there is.

    (Although I still think beef is better some how. At least for Strong muscles. Chickens are too tender.

    Tender meat makes your meat tender according to native tribes.

    My original goal was to do the garlic thing but then got carried with this vegan thing. I could pig out on bread again …and rice right??? Wrong!


    Its probably better if you want to do a protein diet, you stay on a beef and spinach (steamed not raw spinach) diet. This forces the body to use animal protein as main source of energy, instead of fat sugar or carbs, and corrects vital issues we build up over time due to eating too much sugar carbs or fat.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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