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    Full couple days on Protein Diet …SUCCESS! Wow I expected to lose some weight. I remember on the zero carb diet I would lose 15 pounds in a couple days.

    Its the glycogen stores beings burned up. It seems the body has to maybe get adjusted to using its fat as energy.

    AS not only do I have to use fat for daily energy, but also to digest the lean protein. The body maybe has to adapt to this as I felt some hunger on the second day, with no craving for polish.

    A danger in this diet I found is if you try to buy jello. And eat that as protein. It is NOT a complete protein.

    Yin and Yang is true your body will have to use a different type of fat to digest it. Bone protein is accompanied by bone fat. Which is your stem cells and where your blood is made and stem cells. Basically Your Life-force.

    Also, I figured since omega-3 is stored in the brain it would not hurt to take a couple tablespoons of flax oil. Which I did oil pulling first. Then swallowed. Tasted like milk.

    This ended the hunger I had.

    ON another note. I figure lean fish should be avoided as well….they are full of omega-3 which is your brain. The fish structure probably is digested by omega-3.

    Yin and yang law must be followed. The fat around my face has gone…that was QUICK!!!

    This diet has been a success.

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