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    I want to have six-pack right now….

    This is Tao.

    Lean beef is SUPER high.

    6+ per pound. Not Organic.

    My medical insurance won’t cover this. It covers acupuncture.

    But certainly won’t buy me food I need everyday for healing.

    The Economy is Cold… its Wintery. How to Succeed and Thrive?

    How did Ancestors do it?

    How are doing it now.

    I got an idea, Cows eat grass.. they are not perfect vegetarians. They eat bugs time to separate out all of the little bugs.

    Bugs are animal protein.

    They are super high in protein. Then I looked at old notes from when I first learned jing and Chinese medical herbs…

    Under herbs they have listed animal products as most powerful… I remember Ant being listed as “healing herb”. Sure enough I googled it and ant is a super food…super expensive.

    More protein than beef. More Minerals than beef…. magnisiuim etc.


    I think we are on to something BIG here. Says here that many of these little protein sources are high in omega-3…haha maybe like the movie. “Hakunama Tada” no worries…

    Shrimp and Lobster and even crab are just ocean bugs….

    We all know omega-3 replaces anti-anxiety drugs.Fish really calms me, especially fish oil.

    “More Protein than beef”

    ” Well, as I’m sure you can imagine, this varies incredibly with the species we’re talking about, but most are high in protein and for some, this even exceeds that of your leanest cuts of beef.”

    When I was a child I loved to collect ants. I also read books and learned to identity poisonous bugs. To this day..I’ve retained this knowledge.

    Ants are so calm and peaceful. My mom gave me the Ants Nintendo video game for my birthday once.

    Says here Ants are the Jing source of Kings!

    “In some cultures, termite queens are regarded as a delicacy. Who knew you could eat like royalty while eating insects”

    The protien diet, similar to the popular “Keto Diet”…

    These people are giving rave reviews on Cricket powder….

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