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    Is it a good thing to eat, as its just clay and herbs?

    Cancer patients who are treated by some celebrity doctor treatments. Like Gerason recommend soap enemas.


    Its possible, but it is not recommended or the best way to go about it. There are better ways to get treatment depending on what you have.


    In the past people did not live very long…mainly because they did not have soap an water.

    You can make soap at home. Its fun, easy and quick.

    And great way to stay active and not die.

    The purpose of the Tao Soap is to clean the entire body down to the bone.

    Restoring youthful integrity to your deepest layer.

    Palm plant,which is rich in oil, is what was traditionally used as it was orange. The Red Clay is the same fired clay used in the Tao salt making process.

    Which is laid out in perfect detail and clarity in another post.

    The orange and red is the antioxidant. Necessary for youthful skin.

    The soap works similar to chelation and pulls toxins out. These toxin are incredibly poisonous and without the anti-oxidant will just cause more damage.

    Just like Fish oil will turn rancid and toxic without some added antioxidant like rosemary.

    So we use Palm Plant. The fired clay has a high PH and is like Kilned like Lime.

    You can use any Plant, even coconut. But you will have to add color from flower.

    Antioxidant, an extremely critical element and without it your soap will just attract toxins causing free radical damage.

    It is the same as Alcohol.

    After kilning the Clay with bamboo salt the PH is high enough to cause soapification.

    So Soap is just herbs.

    The reason we are afraid of soap is because the toxic chemicals are added to modern soap. These are purposely added to destroy your skin’s integrity.

    So if you have bad skin or a skin problem, you do not even have to worry about it.

    As that is normal and what is suppose to happen…

    If you don’t have bad skin great! Even better. Good job on dodging those bullets!!

    Now you can have perfectly radiant youthful skin.

    And rosy cheeks like when you were children.

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