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    what is the way to deal with viral infections in acupuncture? what do we do to kill the virus?


    We never intent to kill any other life form in true medicine. We aim to co-exist with other life forms, and also keep our health; this is very important to understand if you want to get anywhere with treating successfully.

    If you have an intention to simply kill the virus, you can actually make the situation worse. You need to view it from allowing the virus to exist, but just not in the body – it sounds weird at first, I know, but think about it as there is a big difference in both those intentions, and hence results.

    That said, from what I know so far, we help change the patients lifestyle, its not just about using acupuncture needles to give treatment – its about using our knowledge to treat the patient.

    So I would treat to support the immune system and if they have fever, I would still tell the patient to take ibuprofen to keep this down. Another important thing would be to keep the patient sweat free – so the temperature in the room should be warm enough, but if they sweat, should reduce temperature till they stay sweat free – sweating will keep pores open, and this will cause a problem and keep draining the patient (they won’t get better). So if they do sweat, they should change clothes, dry themselves up, and wear new fresh dry clothes.

    Another thing they can do is take zinc lozenges (zinc supplement which absorbs through the mouth not a pill which you swallow). They should take plenty of these throughout the day, as this will make it harder for the virus and support immune system too.

    Many viruses like to dehydrate the victim, so it is vital that patient drinks excess amounts of lukewarm water.

    And patient should rest, not exert or go outside until they are recovered – this also means no exercise.

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