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    Many times the Beef we use is artificially prepared.

    As raising cattle is expensive,time consuming, and laborious.
    As Meat spoils incredibly fast.

    Don’t you think its strange ? Its like enlightened masters…From heaven…

    Can manifest an apple from Thin Air. (actual definition of chi)

    But must hunt animals to survive…

    Why is this strange…well..

    Meat MUST to be eaten fresh to maintain its nutritive value.

    Outside the body meat oxidizes FAST, and without blood circulation poisons build up rapidly.

    Tiger won’t eat old meat.

    That smell is toxins.

    The Heart and respiration system aren’t doing all that for no reason you know…

    It quickly turns loses its chi.

    You’ve probably actually never eaten fresh meat before… The hunger and drive you get from fresh meat is like the eye of the tiger.

    Every meal you would have to slaughter the animal right there !

    Just like in nature.

    There is nothing wrong with having to kill to eat. I’m not judging it as good or bad.

    But in the past grains were human food. (Big Hint)

    Beef eaters were wealthy royalty like the Crown in England. As Beef has powerful chi.

    Even stronger than a Tiger.

    In Hindu cow is Divine.

    Its like the immortals in Twilight. You could eat Beef and not have to be a Vampire anymore and still be immortal.

    They ate Elk. Elk or Deer is Fire chi.(12 elements) Makes you immortal.

    That is why we harvest Mugwort at horse hour.

    This is why we use Deer Antler Velvet. Is a powerful medicine for Blood. Blood is produced in bone with stem cells.

    This is why when the Vampires went “Vegan” they started eating Elk.
    According to ancient lure Vampires get their immortality from blood.

    Rat or Beef is water chi. Tao salt water is cooked at Midnight.

    I guess 2 am could work as well…

    Just like how Taoist masters would drink keep all those Sheep (fire element) . It was like liquid moxa, fire medicine.

    Sheep/Goat, Rabbit, and Pig are all 2nd chakra.

    The corresponding organs would be adrenals,testes, and kidney.

    Goat/Sheep milk contains adrenaline as confirmed in its efficacy in curing asthma.

    Which is what Ephedrine does from Ephedra.

    Actually Mare milk would be actually Moxa. Since horse is 3rd chakra fire element.

    So if you were doing this the Martial Arts way. You could just battle Deer, and Gaint Rats.

    Or Sheep and Bulls. (2nd chakra fire and 4th chakra water).

    Most deer lack antlers. They usually run from you…

    Fighting a weak enemy leaves me feeling so empty inside….

    So just hunting, as sport activity is a not attractive.

    I play Final Fantasy games just as much as the next man. So again I am not judging having to eat animals for immortality as good and bad.

    ( Oh and yea.. its true Vampires do become immortal from drinking Blood)


    The Beef you ate is most likely “Textured Vegetable protein”. That has been digested by a cow digestive system.

    Since Bacteria is 90% bacterial. And with some enzymes to break down cellulose.

    Mix those Bacteria with those enzymes in a cow stomach and you can digest food…

    This is how cheese is made.

    Rennet is digestive enzymes from a cow’s stomach.

    What you ate is most likely similar to cheese. White Castle burgers are actually made like this…Many cheeseburgers are “cut” or stretched out with “Textured Vegetable Protein”.

    Mostly soy – which is a complete protein.

    The “Textured Vegetable Protein” is made like a cheese with the enzymes and bacteria .

    Like how you make Kimchee.

    Garlic or Onion (Alluim) can be used as long as you roast off the anti-microbial pesticides first if it not organic.

    Otherwise it will just ferment into a poison. Beef protein is mostly just sulfur if you ever had old beef you will notice the rotten egg smell.

    Oddly one can just live on just Allium if you have enough fat on it to digest it.

    This is why the Bear survived the Allium diet.In the story and the founding of Korea. The body just treated the Onion like meat…. And uses the bodies own fat to digest it.

    The Bear being water element was prepared for a long winter with no food. Hibernating…in cave.

    Tigers eat only meat and have not fat store.

    This is solely the reason the Bear survived and the Tiger got hungry in left.

    If you have any doubts remember that Tao Temples and Buddhist temple are , many times Vegetarian..

    Cow’s Digestive system is Alkaline. So using food grade Lye such as in a pretzel making kit or Lime.,, Cow Bacteria and enzymes. And heat in a closed system.

    One can create Beef!

    Yes! This is the Holy Grail.

    Cheap, cheap, cheap…Beef!

    Iron Oxide can be used to dye it to the correct color red.

    It is a mineral.

    The same kind that is in Kala namek (Bamboo salt) or Himalayan Salt.

    The bacteria will eat it and your meat will be the correct color.

    For Fish use Fish Dye they feed to Gold Fish or Koi…

    This is better than Cloned Meat!

    As this is an Art. And a Trade.

    Pure Science. Scientist Diet…

    Any Questions Please ask I’ll create a detailed Post with Pictures and examples of the whole process.

    Maybe even do some videos in the biotech lab.

    Not going to just make a post with half the information so you can go and hurt yourself with the information

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