Side Effects of Acupuncture

acupuncture side effects


There are people who often ask about the side effects of acupuncture, and what they can be in worst case scenario’s – but the truth is, acupuncture should have zero side effects in terms of body reactions after the treatment.

The only time you will have a side effect is usually with nerve related conditions, where the nerves are being regenerated and you feel temporary pain (your acupuncture doctor should tell you before you even feel this, as they should know that this will happen before their treatment).

The emotional side effects of acupuncture are usually during the treatment, where an emotional outburst can occur – this is from the stress that is released and can happen in different ways for different people, so just because it hasn’t happened to you, does not mean it has not worked – people manage their emotions in different ways, so the release will be different for each individual.

There are no negative side effects from acupuncture; but always make sure your acupuncture doctor has the right knowledge to deal with your condition or requirement.

Is Acupuncture Effective?


Acupuncture has been around for 5,000+ years with clinical records that have been recovered from ancient China, Korea and Japan – this itself is proof of acupuncture working.

When people asked for peer reviewed trials on acupuncture, the problem comes because you cannot put the whole of acupuncture in one heading that easily – as very few acupuncturists really know the various systems of acupuncture that are out there, including the sub-systems – so even a wide scale study of acupuncture is not really possible because the ones that know how to treat, are often too busy to be involved in a study to “prove” to skeptics whether acupuncture even works.

The problem comes because of the way western systems progress, versus eastern systems  – the west always sought after standardising things, and making it understandable, which is great, as everyone can benefit to the extent it is standardised – the east grew up in a different environment; to protect from other “clan” systems which were fighting for land; where even a medical secret can mean win or lose in a battle, so systems there are often hard to find so openly even in today’s modern times.

Although this is changing now, and more and more knowledge and acupuncture systems are coming out, one has to be aware of this to prevent from coming into contact with acupuncturists who simply are not yet ready to treat patients (who need to study and practice more before treatment).

The video below covers some basics on what is required to understand when selecting an acupuncturist in the UK, US or anywhere else in the world – it also talks about how effective acupuncture is, and to what extent it can help your condition, whatever it may be.

What is Acupuncture used for? and what can Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncture and Health Sign


Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, and still practiced today in many forms – but still some people don’t fully understand what it can be used for, what can acupuncture treat?

One must understand a few basics about acupuncture – being an eastern method of treatment, it is not just one single thing we talk about when we say acupuncture, there are hundreds of types of acupuncture, and varying levels of acupuncture.

In ancient china, Masters of Acupuncture passed basic knowledge of acupuncture to villages, so they can take care of basic illnesses and common injuries, and this type of acupuncture was intended for the common folk, which became popular because of it’s availability – and this is the type of acupuncture that exists in most areas of the world – it can help with all kinds of aches, pain and inflammation.

That said, acupuncture has advanced forms as well – only given to more dedicated students in Ancient China/Korea/Japan/India – this was the type of acupuncture that can fix anything and everything related to the human body – from depression to things as bad as terminal diseases like Cancer – even fertility problems can be fixed by this type of acupuncture.

Finding a Master level acupuncture doctor is not always simple, as the average person does not know the difference, and most of the western world (and now even Eastern world) is familiar with mostly the commonly known acupuncture given to junior acupuncturists for handling small ailments.

How can needles fix problems like cancer and serious diseases in the body?

Acupuncture is not simply putting in needles in areas of the body like pressing buttons to fix a computer – its also as much an art as it is a science. It involves needling, Moxibustion, herbs, dietary intake and even complete lifestyle changes advice to the patients.

How do you find a Master level acupuncturist where you are located? 

You can ask in the acupuncture forum here, or you can bookmark this website as we will be uploading information about verified acupuncturists who can treat higher level problems.

Can you use acupuncture to enhance the human body, visually or internally?

Yes it is possible to use acupuncture to get treatments to become sharper in your thinking, fitter body and much more – but this is only really done by your effort as well as your Master level Acupuncturists as mentioned above.



What is Qigong? Qigong benefits

Qigong can simply be seen as a moving meditation, a science developed over centuries to stimulate energy meridians in the body in a very precise way allowing it to work on three different levels; the mind, body and the energetic body (the non-physical aspect of the body)


The Mind

You are probably aware that to make any movement or action first requires a will to do so, the intention. This intention is what causes electrical impulses to be sent through the nerves and neural pathways connecting your brain to the rest of your body, to cause your muscle to move. Once your neurons stop firing, so does the movement. 

So something as conscious as a muscle contraction when lifting a heavy object to the involuntary regulation of your heart rate and body temperature can occur only as a result of the nervous system.

Now imagine if you could consciously control the intensity, duration and area of these nerve impulses, you can increase your physical strength exponentially because your neurons, the cells that transmit the electrical impulses, can continue firing meaning you could sustain a physically challenging activity almost indefinitely.

In a normal person, the limiting factor to their physical strength is simply the inability to maintain that intention since the brains pain mechanism kicks as a basic survival instinct.

However, if you are able to constantly override this signal, you can develop your nerves to continually  and more powerfully transmit the impulses required for a muscle contraction for example as well as increasing the number of neural pathways which allow you to do a once difficult task, more easily. 

This doesn’t stop at the muscle layer, it can go deeper to the organ system. Strengthening specific nerves can also improve communication between your organs such that if there is any disharmony, your brain can locate and fix the problem faster. It is no wonder why most types of qigong claim to lower blood pressure, heart rate etc.


Whilst we are on the topic of mind, it should go without saying that pushing your body beyond the limits of your mind is a conditioning in itself. ‘Overriding’ the pain helps create mental discipline. The benefits of this are self-explanatory but to highlight its significance further, it addresses a main cause in the western world’s latest obesity epidemic.

The Body

Qigong systems usually consist of breathing techniques coupled with very controlled movements or gruelling stances, both of which come with their benefits. Qigong begins by first working on your weakest muscle areas, however with diligent practise, it progressively affects deeper layers such as the fascia, tendons, ligaments and eventually the bones.

Not only can it increase bone density but certain stances also stimulate bone marrow production which strengthens the immune system and ensures ample blood.

All of these different types of tissue are essential in developing all-round strength, fitness and flexibility.

The Energetic Body

Perhaps the most difficult dimension to quantify, the energetic body can be  described as looking at the body through the lens of quantum physics as we are seeing everything in its most basic form (energy). This is the aspect of the body which true acupuncturists affect since any imbalance is always present and viewable on this level.

It follows that energy channels (meridians) which circulate around the body may have a weakened or blocked flow due to a certain lifestyle habits or thinking that directly affect the physical body in the form of pains or illnesses.

Qigong creates stronger energy flow, removing these blockages so it eventually corrects any disharmony as its working from the source – your energy.

This ancient system can be used to help patients heal as they undergo treatment or to go beyond the current perceptions of human ability. Just like with any practice, persistent efforts will give the best results.

human ability

If you want more information on the most effective systems of qigong, where you can learn them or any another questions regarding it, just ask on the forum!

What is Moxibustion?

Moxa is a dried form of the mugwort plant used extensively in some systems of eastern medicine to add energy into the body. Unlike the use of needles, which only manipulates the flow of energy around the body, the burning of moxa, known as moxibustion, has the ability to increase the overall levels of energy in circulation.



Mugwort is considered a weed by some due to its ability to grow in the harshest of conditions. The harsher the conditions, the stronger the moxa is.It even has the ability to absorb radiation from its environment which is very partially released when burnt which is how it is even able to thrive in areas such as Chernobyl immediately after a blast of radiation.

Many eastern cultures (Korean, Chinese and Japanese) attach great importance to moxa as well as the Anglo-Saxons who described mugwort as one of their ‘nine sacred herbs’.

However, the quality of moxa can vary greatly depending on location and conditions. Growing mugwort in the UK for example will be far less potent and effective in treatment than if grown in the Far East, namely Korea, where the highest quality moxa is produced.

The difference in quality becomes clear when burning it as there is variation in temperature, rate of combustion, colour and smell. The best quality moxa will burn much hotter and maintain its shape even after its burning.


There are two methods of burning moxa; direct and indirect. Indirect moxa can involve using moxa sticks to warm certain areas and improve qi flow but its scope in treatment is limited. Direct moxa is when small cones are burnt directly on the skin (scarring) or on needles or herbs (non-scarring).

Again, non scarring moxibustion is very limited in its healing properties however direct scarring moxibustion, which is generally avoided in the West due to a lack of understanding, is by far the most effective treatment for major diseases as well as minor ailments.


Direct moxibustion can either be used to maintain and improve general health through burning on main points (such as CV4) or to treat a specific illness or imbalance.

If you would like to know more about moxibustion or have any questions, feel free to ask on the forum and someone will be able to help you out.

What is Acupuncture? Explained Like Never Before

what is acupuncture

Acupuncture has been misunderstood for so long, its time to fix the misunderstandings.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is not just needles – it involves needles and herbs and moxibustion – each of which is used in treatment in acupuncture – not only that, but real treatment involves looking at the patient from a holistic point of view – from their emotions, thinking patterns, diet of the patient and their exercise patterns (if any) which all play a role in the result of disease manifestation.

Acupuncture is an energy science and not a mechanical process.

What is not acupuncture…

Many people think and treat acupuncture like buttons on a computer – if you use this point, it does this, if you use that point, its good for that – it does not work exactly like that – although some points are more beneficial to use than others, the points do not exactly dictate that it will create this exact benefit – we aren’t robots with exact points, and nor does true acupuncture (which is Daoist Acupuncture) take this view of the human body.